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Save $300 or more on a generator today*

Note: Coupons are specific to the retailer and will work with any model associated with the retailer you select

  1. Verify you meet the eligibility requirements for this rebate, per guidelines on
  2. Review the Product & Retailer List here to Determine your Preferred Retailer
  3. Before selecting your retailer, it is recommended to check product availability, as inventory varies frequently
  4. When ready to select your retailer, click "Get Coupon" and on the next page you will enter your account information and select your preferred retailer
  5. Then get your coupon from your email and redeem at retailer checkout

Note: Retailer selection is FINAL and cannot be changed once a coupon is issued. Please be patient if availability of some models are limited, as generators are large products that take time to resupply. * Rebate $ amounts vary depending on SDG&E account and some customers are eligible for an additional $150 rebate.
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SDG&E is working with the following retailers to make this special offer possible:


  • Lowe’s coupons are valid in participating Lowe’s stores or on
  • Home Depot IN STORE coupons are only valid in participating stores (not online)
  • Home Depot ONLINE coupons will only work on (not in stores)

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After reviewing the Product & Retailer List above, click "Get Coupon." Then on the next page enter the name and address associated with your SDG&E account and select where you plan to purchase your new generator.